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Dr. Sonya Noor, MD, FACS

Dr. Sonya Noor, MD, FACS

Vascular Surgeon

Patient Stories

Betty's Story

Betty had leg pain while walking: Fortunately, she discovered AccessCare Vascular

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Annette's Story

Almost immediately after her right knee replacement, Annette began to experience severe leg swelling and was diagnosed with blood clots in her leg. 

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Roger's Story

After Roger’s sister underwent a carotid surgery with BEVSA, he spoke to his primary care doctor about his concerning family history of carotid disease.

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Denise's Story

Denise was diagnosed with carotid artery disease which put her at risk for stroke. She was then sent to our practice for evaluation and treatment. 

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"Dr. Noor and her procedure completely eliminated my right foot pain and I am now able to stand and walk at work pain free"

Neil C.

"Meeting Dr. Noor and her staff was the best thing that has ever happened to me"

Annette R.

“Dr. Noor is without a doubt one of the finest physicians and individuals I have ever encountered. At the age of 78, she has enabled me to carry on an active lifestyle.”

Ellen G.

“After my procedure at Access Care with Dr. Noor, my legs were back to 100%. I can now walk through the grocery store with ease!”

Betty K.

“Dr. Noor saved my life in 2011. I hadn’t seen her in four years and it was like we just spoke yesterday. She was aware of my concerns and took the time needed to ensure everything was taken care of.”

Ira S.

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