"Dr. Lajos is wonderful, I believe that he is there for me and wants to make me better. He does the very best job to take care of me. The staff is very kind, and caring. You guys are the best!"

Susan M.

"Dr. Noor and her procedure completely eliminated my right foot pain and I am now able to stand and walk at work pain free"

Neil C.

 "I am so grateful for Dr. Curl and his care in helping me be able to walk pain-free again."

Cheryl C.
Niagara Falls

"Meeting Dr. Noor and her staff was the best thing that has ever happened to me"

Annette R.

"I just want to thank Dr. Paul Lajos for the wonderful care he gave me during my surgery and recovery. I would recommend him to anyone with vascular issues!"

Eileen S.

"Dr. Lajos is a very professional and receptive surgeon. He listened to my story and walked me through my treatment options. His assistant is a sweetheart and helped me with all of my pre and post procedure needs."

Thomas S.

"Dr. Curl is a miracle worker. I was not able to eat well for the past 20 years and I had significant weight loss. After my stenting procedure I was eating 3 meals a day and am back to my normal weight. He is an excellent surgeon and has a great team working with him. "

Walter B.
Orchard Park

“Dr. Noor is without a doubt one of the finest physicians and individuals I have ever encountered. At the age of 78, she has enabled me to carry on an active lifestyle.”

Ellen G.

“From the front desk staff to the vascular technicians, the team at BEVSA is very respectful, professional and kind.”

Christine G.

"The receptionist was kind, very helpful and professional. The two technicians who performed my Doppler process were likewise knowledgeable and professional. The facility was clean and neat and my wait time was only 10-15 minutes.”

James F.

“After my procedure at Access Care with Dr. Noor, my legs were back to 100%. I can now walk through the grocery store with ease!”

Betty K.

“Dr. Curl is a wonderful physician with great bedside manner. He was very caring and his procedure helped alleviate my severe arm pain.”

Dawn B.
Boston, NY

“Dr. Noor saved my life in 2011. I hadn’t seen her in four years and it was like we just spoke yesterday. She was aware of my concerns and took the time needed to ensure everything was taken care of.”

Ira S.

“I absolutely loved the patient videos for my upcoming carotid surgery. It helped put me at ease knowing what to expect with surgery.”

Denise K.

“After hearing about my sister’s great experience with the doctors and staff at BEVSA, I told my doctor to send me to BEVSA when I was diagnosed with carotid disease”

Roger J.
North Tonawanda

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